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Jeff Buckley. Тексты песен.

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     Haven't You Heard
Your wish is my command!
Have you heard this talk about eye contact
Gonna be the downfall of this town.
First the photographs take you to the right hands.
Leads you to the authority mold.
Paranoia will write the world prayer
Make sure that you fit in the right holes
But when you take his offer, you're done for,
Done for, oh!

Phantoms in pockets, we're in panic,
Making order in total disgust
Oh, they read a list of all who cannot stay
Take you down, on the ground.

Make sure you learn to beware your neighbor
Bolt the doors and hire your guards
Suck your life with their virus called language
Someone told you this all would go down.
And the last thing you see is the luster,
Hold the razor, goodbye to your friends
Would your underground please call the mayor,
Call the neighbor, call your friends.

Well, when he first saw you, you'd need no protection
I train my eyes on your mouth, you'll learn to take him.
Hmmm. it's a brand new power.

My friends had her questions right
Beware your neighbor
Haven't you heard, haven't you heard
That we're done for. oh.
Learn to beware your neighbor
And the right mode
Haven't you heard?
Haven't you heard,
That we're done for, done for?

When I count down from ten
You'll feel the lead in your lids
You'll have no need to exist
And wake up refreshed

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